Unofficial recordings related to Philip Lynott  from 1969 - 1985

The Times Of Eric

The Robbo Chapter

The Gary Moore Stints

The Snowy Years

The Farewell Tour

Summer Of `83 

Grand Slam Days

Outside Thin Lizzy 

Thin Lizzy Video

Live Discography

The Odd Gigs


As with all unofficial CDs / CD-Rs, the sound quality cannot be compared to that of an official release - recordings are often taken from fan's own home recordings, some tracks being originally recorded more than 30 years ago.

There is also one final note that I need to include here. These pages are merely a gathering of information on Thin Lizzy and Philip Lynott related bootlegs. 
I do not sell copies of anything listed here nor can I give you information on how or where to aquire them. I don't have anything against boots-- 
I collect them myself. 
These page are not a shopping list for visitors and I simply will not answer  e-mails asking, "how can I find this release" or "can you make me a copy." 
I do not own all of these recordings! 
I do not sell these recordings! 
I cannot tell you where to buy copies!

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